Keys to the Game: St. Louis Blues @ Boston Bruins

The winged-quarter notes fly into Boston tonight, in the first of two encounters this year between the Bruins and the Blues. The last few years, this game, when the Blues come to the Garden (not so much the other way around), has been in my top 5. Whether low-scoring or high, the games are full of action and physicality, and I expect tonight to be no different. I’m a bit short on time so how about we jump right into tonight’s 3 keys to the game? Ready? Let’s go.


Quick notes:

David Pastrnak (day-to-day: undisclosed) will miss game number 3 in a row. He will be missed.

David Backes is playing in his first game against his former team, tonight. Look for him to play with emotion.


3 Keys:

1. Find an Offensive Spark –

They’ve done a pretty good job the last few games, them being the Bruins, of scoring enough goals to look better than they actually are. Doing this without Pastrnak was tough against Minnesota, but the team found their stride against Winnipeg, en rout to a 4-1 win (I’m so sick of being within one goal of getting it right). Tonight, against a team that is no slouch, Boston needs to keep hitting what they found Saturday and put the puck in the net.

2. Keep Backes’ Minutes Down – 

He can play, for sure, but with this being against his former team, and a team he stayed with for a very long time, no less, he’s going to be a bit emotional. When you play with your  heart and not your head, you make mistakes. Now, I’m probably wrong and he’ll end up playing 19 minutes and score a hatty, but I think keeping his usage to a minimum could benefit Boston in the long run of this game.


St. Louis is by no means a stellar team, offensively, but that doesn’t mean they can’t score. They do have more total goals than Boston, albeit playing one extra game, but they aren’t a great team. Both of them are at the bottom half of the leaderboard. This will likely be low-scoring, meaning Boston’s defense needs to step up and have another Winnipeg-like performance. A good defensive unit equals less work the offense has to do.


Prediction: STL 1-3 BOS


That’s my take on the game, and now I want to hear yours. Let me know your thought’s ahead of tonight’s game in the comments. Don’t forget to share with your friends to get their take as well. GO B’S


TRIVIA: When did David Backes play his first game for the Blues?


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