Adam McQuaid Proves Once Again That He Is A Waste Of A Roster Spot As Bruins Fall To Wild 1-0

Okay, I’m going to start this by saying, as much as this is a post-game review, I’m mainly going to talk about how much I despise Adam McQuaid! Can we just trade him, already? Why did we give him the long-term contract over a Dougie Hamilton or any player with talent? GOD! Last night he proved once again that he does not belong on NHL ice. We were involved in a very tight, entertaining game against Minnesota, 0-0 in the last minute, when McQuaid made a bonehead decision to stand at the far post. He had just been knocked down and appeared hurt, although looking at it I think he was trying to get a whistle, and when he got back up, he camped on Rask’s right. Seeing an opportunity, Mikael Granlund made a “pass” across the crease, bouncing off Adam McQuaid’s skate and into the net. -_-   McQuaid has zero goals for us this year, but he sure loves scoring for other teams. This isn’t the first time in his career he’s deflected the puck in, or had his mistake cost us games. WAKE UP SWEENEY!

Rest of the team was great and here’s the recap of the first game to truly piss me off this year.

3 UPS:

1. Tuukka – 

Once again Tuukka Rask gives up a goal that was not his fault. This time, it earned him a loss. Just his second of the year. How do you feel, McQuaid??? I hope you thank God every day, for the day that he blinded the Bruins front office into signing your contract. Anyway, Rask made a bevvy of great saves, stuffing many odd-man rushes and making key saves at key times. But nobody is prepared to be shot at by a teammate.

2. Great 60 Minutes – 

Not you, Adam. All three periods were tightly-contested, and Boston looked very good coming off the 3-day break. This was a welcoming sight, as the B’s havce struggled to put full game efforts together many a time this year. Last night, though, they played a full game. I was quite happy with the performance. Well, for 18/19 players.

3. Good Puck Movement –

It was very fluid and created many chances, specifically on the power play. Had Devan Dubnyk not played like Devan Dubnyk plays, we’d have won that game. Many triangle plays, mini 2-on-1 chances, point-to-point plays, it was great to watch.



1. Adam McQuaid – 

No, I’m not kidding!

2. Adam McQuaid – 

Yes, I’m really doing it.

3. Adam McQuaid – 

Told ya.


3 Stars:

1. Devan Dubnyk (G-MIN)

2. Tuukka Rask (G-BOS)

3. The Timekeepers Who Kept Up With The Absurd Amount Of Penalties Called, Ugh


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