Boston Bruins @ Colorado Avalanche: 3 KEYS 

Tonight, the Bruins head to the mountains to take on the Colorado Avalanche. Fresh off a win last night, the Bruins now sit at 9-6-0 on the season, and look to pick up win number 10. If they’re going to do that, the Bruins need to listen to me, and follow these 3 keys:

1. Conserve Your Energy – 

The between puck drop last night, and puck drop tonight: 23 hours. It’s less than a full day since the start of the last game, and the Bruins’ 18 skaters need to be aware of that. Between the time zone change and the quick turnaround, the Bruins need to conserve their energy. Don’t use it all up in the first period, because you’re going to need it in the 3rd.

2. Don’t Make the Goalie Work Hard –

Claude Julien doesn’t seem to understand that playing a goalie a bunch of times in a row, is not smart. Tuukka Rask is expected in goal (per Julien) again tonight after stopping 33/34 last night. I would have rather ed him have more rest, and give the nod to McIntyre or Khudobin, but I don’t make the call. Regardless, the BRUINS need to keep the puck out of their own zone, and don’t give Rask too much to do tonight. Defense wins games (if they have a good offense, but you get the point). 
3. Use Chara As Little As Possible – 

When the season started, I thought Chara looked very good. He was moving better than he had in years, was taking the body again, and could still load up a bullet from the point. But, I’m having a change of heart. I don’t like the way he is playing. Bad turnovers. Poor decisions. Doesn’t hit. Outside of his incredible 4 on 3 penalty kill in overtime against Tampa, Chara has been less than impressive. The man called upon to lead the team defensively, is hardly playing like a top 4 defenseman, nevermind the top dog. Give him a break, and don’t use him for more than 17 minutes tonight.
Projected lineup :















Prediction: BOS 3-1 COL

These games are always low scoring, and tonight should be no different. With Rask in net, it wouldn’t be a surprise if only 1 goal was allowed again. 

What are you looking for tonight? What would your lines look like if you were in charge? Who do you think will win? Let me know in the comments and share this post with your friends to see what they think. GO B’S!


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