Boston Bruins @ Arizona Coyotes

The Boston Bruins fly out west to start a back-to-back against, first, the Arizona Coyotes, before taking on the Colorado Avalanche tomorrow. The Bruins come into tonight’s game with a 5-2 win in their previous game against Columbus. In the recent past, Boston has had the upper-hand against the Coyotes. Can they keep the momentum up? Let’s find out.

Things To Watch:

Khudobin Travels –

Anton Khudobin, who has missed recent weeks due to injury, is traveling with the team to Arizona. Considering the back-to-back scenario, it is likely that a backup will get the call in one of the 2 games.  It’s now a question of which backup, and which game, the B’s go with.

Playing on the Road – 

The last 2 years, the Bruins have been impressive on the road. They have had more success away from the Garden, than when playing in it. Coming off a win at home, and now heading into their “preferred” terrain, watch for Boston to be even better than they were against the Blue Jackets.

Kuraly Recalled – 

Sean Kuraly was recalled from Providence on an emergency basis. This is likely in response to Noel Acciari’s injury. It will be interesting to watch how Kuraly is used, and whether he will replace Hayes in the line up.

3 Keys:

1. Don’t Look Too Much At The Standings –

It’s important that the Bruins don’t overlook Arizona. Just because they are low in the standings does not mean they cannot defeat Boston. If the Bruins walk in expecting an easy game, it’s not going to happen. Like every other game in the National Hockey League, this is a game in which the winner is going to have to fight for the 2 points.

2. Get Shots On Net – 

All shots that hit the net, are good shots. With a team that struggles offensively and defensively, Boston could very well dominate the time of possession aspect of the game. That won’t mean anything if the Bruins don’t shoot the puck. Just getting the puck towards the net against this Arizona (I still want to call them Phoenix) defense can cause problems for the Coyotes.


Chara had a ridiculous turnover that led to a goal, and then Colin Miller scored on the wrong goal. These are mistakes that can really turn a game on its head. Against Arizona, mistakes are likely the only way you’re going to give up goals, so play smart hockey. Don’t turn the puck over, don’t take penalties, and DO NOT SCORE ON YOURSELF!!!

Likely Line-up (Nothing confirmed)










My Lineup (Always Confirmed)









Prediction: BOS 4-0 ARZ

It’s not an easy win, but it is one they can win, and by a lot, if they play it right.

What do you think? Who is your pick to win? What are your 3 keys to the game? Let me know in the comments and please SHARE THIS POST WITH YOUR BRUINS FRIENDS! GO B’S!!


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