Post-game Report: New York Rangers @ Boston Bruins

Final Score: NYR 5-2 BOS

What an ugly game for Bruins fans! It started out perfectly fine, too. Patrice Bergeron scored an early goal, Rask was on his game, and we matched the Rangers at every turn. Then, we quit. With 4:51 to go in the 1st (would you look at that after the first fifteen minutes we blew it), Nick Holden scored on a wild shot from the blue line, which nobody knows whether or not it hit Krejci's glove on the way through. It would have been okay if not for the fact that less than 3 minutes later, Derek Stepan put New York up 2-1 while shorthanded. Don't the Bruins know the power play is supposed to score them goals, and not other teams?

Then in the second, what did we do? GAVE UP ANOTHER SHORTHANDED GOAL! Kevin Hayes snuck by the defense and out waited Rask to put New York up two. The rest of the period was scoreless, but the shorthanded goal really took the life out of Boston. The crowd was happy though (I'll get to that later). 

In the third, the Bruins were assessed a penalty for interference that, quite frankly, nobody knows why. Marchand held a guy because he was interfered with by TWO Rangers, but Marchand is the bad guy! Then, forgetting all about sticks and stones and the first amendment, the referee assessed March another two minutes because he said mean things. I don't understand hockey anymore. Regardless of what I think, the Bruins were faced with a double minor. They killed off the first of the two unjust penalties, but 11 seconds into the second one, they found themselves down 4-1. David Pastrnak tried to bring life into the team, scoring his seventh goal of the year, but a few minutes later, that goal was erased by yet another Rangers tally. 5-2. Again. Why?

3 "Ups": (when you get outplayed and lose 5-2, it's hard to find good things, so these are purely sarcastic)

1. The Garden was Alive -
With Rangers fans. Seriously, who was the home team again? 

2. Our Power Play was Sensational - 
For the Rangers. We had a -2 goal differential with the mad advantage. We basically had a -67% PP efficiency.

3. Our 5-on-5 Play was Solid (this one is true) - 
Take away the special teams, and this was a 2-2 game. That's not bad against the second best team in the league. When the numbers were even, we matched them stride for stride. Problem is, there's more to hockey than 5-on-5


1. The Decibel Level in the Garden - 
There was no noise coming from the Bruins' fans in attendance last night. Even when we were ahead, the crowd seemed tuned out. It was embarrassing to watch. We need that place to be loud if people want us to be taken seriously at home. 

2. Tuukka Down - 
For about the thousandth time this season (okay so it's been like 4) Tuukka Rask appeared to be leaning on his left leg. It could be one reason why we lost, but the long-term concern is that this is something serious. So far, nobody has spoke on his condition, but I doubt it will be good news. The smart move here is to bench Rask Monday against Buffalo. The Sabres are a beatable team, and the Bruins need to save everything they have for a match with the best team in the league on Tuesday. If Rask is hurt, resting him Monday will hopefully provide him with the time he needs to heal up.

3. The Power Play - 
-2 differential. Need I say more?

Well I should do something considering the ups and downs were basically a joke so,

3 Takeaways:

1 - David Pastrnak somehow found himself on the ice for both B's goals, and zero Rangers goals. Considering New York scored 5 times, that's pretty impressive.
2 - They listened to me about benching Jimmy Hayes. I know he's a local kid, but he may need to be shown the door if we want a deep playoff run. 
3 - Torey Krug led the Bruins in time on ice with 22:16 and Brandon Carlo was second with 21:26. Zdeno Chara, who routinely leads the team in average TOI, was 3rd with 21:11. Are we moving away from a Chara-dependent team?

3 Stars:

3. Michael Grabner (RW-NYR)
2. Antti Raanta (G-NYR)
1. Derek Stepan (C-NYR)

What did you think of the game? What stood out to you? Who are your three stars? Let me know in the comments.


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